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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

「Falling Down/Oasis」を聴いた

Oasis_fallingdown あれからだいぶ時間が経ち、Beady Eyeもすでに始まってるけど、まだ余韻に浸ってるOasis。先日読んだOasis本「rockin'on BOOKS vol.5 OASIS」で、唯一持っていないことを思い出し、速攻Amazonで買ってしまったOasisのLast CDS「Falling Down」(2009/CDS)について。
 曲について書いてみる。まずはTitle TuneのM-01「Falling Down」。Liam Gallagher作のMidium Tune。Liamの表情豊かなVocalがいい。M-02「Those Swollen Hand Blues」。OrganとかPsycheな60年代の音。M-03「Falling Down (The Gibb Mix by Twiggy/Sardy)」。金属音で鋭角さがまぶされたVersionに。M-04「Falling Down (The Prodigy Version)」。HeavyなLoopが入ったMixture Soundに。それにしても、音楽性は違えど、OasisとThe Prodigyの共闘関係はありだと思う。
 それにしても、現時点でのLast CDSであるこの「Falling Down」はLiam Gallagherの曲。彼の曲で終わってしまったのが、まるでその後を示す暗喩のよう。ともかく、このBandはずっと残る。

● Falling Down/Oasis (2009/CDS)
M-01. Falling Down
M-02. Those Swollen Hand Blues
M-03. Falling Down (The Gibb Mix by Twiggy/Sardy)
M-04. Falling Down (The Prodigy Version)
* All Tracks Written by Liam Gallagher.
* Falling Down:
- Produced and Mixed by D.Sardy.
- Engineered by Ryan Castle.
- Pro Tools Editing by Andy Brohard.
* Those Swollen Hand Blues:
- Produced by Noel Gallagher.
- Mixed and Engineered by Paul "Strangeboy" Stacey.
- Recorded and Mixed at Strangeways Studios,London.
* M-03:
- Remixed by Twiggy/Sardy.
- Remixed at Hillside Manor.
* M-04:
- Twisted up by Liam Prodigy on a plane and hotel room,Australia.
* RKIDSCD56 2008 Big Brother Recordings Ltd.

cf. Oasis My CD/DVD List
- Definitely Maybe (1994/Album)
- (What's The Story)Morning Glory? (1995/Album)
- ...There And Then (1996/DVD)
- Definitely Maybe (2004/DVD)
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- Lyla (2005/CDS)
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- Goal!-Music From The Motion Picture/Various Artist (2005/Album)
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- Dig Out Your Soul (2008/Album)
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- Falling Down (2009/CDS)
- Time Files...1994-2009 (2010/Album)


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