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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

「Within And Without/Washed Out」を聴いた

Washedout_withinandwithout いまさらの2Season遅れだけど、Ernest GreeneによるProject "Washed Out"のFull Debut Album「Within And Without」(2011/Album)を聴いた。
 浮遊感のあるシンセの音、サイケっぽいMelody、ささやくようなVocalなど、Jacket含めPersonalで親密感にあふれたAlbum。くつろぐためにあるような1枚だ。特に気に入ったのは、M-01「Eyes Be Closed」、M-02「Echoes」、M-03「Amor Fati」、M-04「Soft」、M-06「Before」、M-08「Within and Without」そして、M-09「A Dedication」あたり。

● Within And Without/Washed Out (2011/Album)
M-01. Eyes Be Closed
M-02. Echoes
M-03. Amor Fati
M-04. Soft
M-05. Far Away
M-06. Before
M-07. You and I
M-08. Within and Without
M-09. A Dedication
* Produced by Ben H. Allen for MakeRecordsNotBombs and Ernest Greene.
* Mixed by Ben H. Allen at Maze Studios, ATL.
* Recorded by John Maskew and Rob Skipworth.
* All Songs Written by Ernest Greene, except "You and I" written by Ernest Green and Caroline Palachek.

cf. Washed Out My CD/DVD List
- Within And Without (2011)


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